About Me

Hello 👋🏽 My name is Brittany Cross

Web Designer and Developer💻

Greetings from Orlando, FL! I'm a Global Product Support Analyst with a deep passion for the creation in the world of technology . My journey into the tech started with SheCodes, a bootcamp committed to narrowing the gender gap in the programming industry, especially supporting women aspiring to become Developers and Engineers. Through this empowering experience, I've honed valuable skills, inspiring me to continually strive for greatness in the dynamic field of technology.

My experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript has allowed me to fine-tune my skills to craft dynamic landing pages, robust applications, and user-friendly websites. My passion for coding extends to the creative aspects of development, particularly from a Front-End perspective. I thrive on designing exceptional user experiences and implementing functionalities that elevate the overall appeal and usability of digital platforms. I am excited about the ongoing evolution of technology and look forward to contributing my skills to create engaging and innovative solutions in the dynamic world of web development.

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Why Work With Me?

Strong Communicator